Our Suppliers

We do our best to build personal relationships with our suppliers to ensure they deliver the best quality for us and you. 


Volcano Coffeeworks, Brixton

"At Volcano we're on a mission to introduce the world to better coffee. Better tasting, better for the environment and better for the farming communities! 

Volcano Coffee Works was founded in 2010 by master-roaster, Kurt. Based in the Roastery in Brixton, Volcano now works with twenty passionate, committed people, each of whom shares a vision of bringing you the best coffee from around the world."

Square Root Sodas, Hackney

"We work directly with farmers to get the tastiest ingredients we can find, often taking the wonky or softer fruits that the farmers can’t sell to supermarkets and which usually go to waste.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each and every bottle of our sodas is the best it can be and pride ourselves on being masters of our flavours, getting the most out of each of our ingredients so nothing is wasted.

Because our sodas are made from freshly juiced fruit, they retain their whole fruit flavour and always taste of the ingredients they’re made out of, naturally."




Christopher's, Herne Hill

"We take time to make our bread in a way that others such as most supermarkets would not because of the costs involved and their need for speed; we will happily take 3 days to make a loaf because it produces a better flavour and texture.

Our first batch of bakers have been trained from scratch by us to meet the standards and practices needed to create bread of distinctive flavour and texture. 

Because we often use slow fermentation processes that soak flour and grains overnight the natural flavours are released, more nutrients are available and they are more easily digested than bread which is forced to ferment and baked quickly."