Sustainability at The Pigeon Hole - Part 1

Sustainability is absolutely fundamental here at The Pigeon Hole. We operate in a way where the environment is considered in every decision we make, even when it comes down to what toilet roll we have in the bathroom (...more on that later!) 

In the kitchen, we make as much as we can from scratch. A big batch of our rich, smokey tomato sauce (which forms the base layer of our baked eggs) is put together and simmered on the hob almost every day and there seems to be a constant flow of fresh cakes, banana bread, muffins and other sweet treats in and out of the oven! 


We also make all of our condiments from scratch such as our tomato ketchup, mustard mayo, hot sauce, red onion chutney, tomato chilli jam (amazing with scrambled eggs, by the way), seasonal pickles, hummus and of course our seasonal cocktail syrups. 

Our kitchen only really has enough space for 2 people so when it comes to the food we can't produce in house, we reach out to our fantastic local suppliers who share the same ethos as us.

If there's one question we get asked a lot it's, where on earth do you get your bread from?! Our bread is from the wonderful Christopher's Bakery, in Dulwich. We get the white sourdough, the white and rye sourdough and the white bloomer - perfect for our cheddar cheese toasties. Christopher's Bakery use the best of the best ingredients and has a basic principle, "if it isn’t amazing don’t make it." We also stock loaves of Christopher's sourdough daily for customers to buy, be quick though - they're usually all sold before lunchtime! 

Another favourite supplier of ours is of course, Volcano Coffee Works. With a roastery based down the road in Brixton, Volcano's ethos is ethically-traded coffee. In return for a top notch product, Volcano pay farmers significantly more than the fair trade price to help them invest in their farms - so they can keep producing amazing coffee. They provide us with, 'The Mount Blend'  and a decaf alternative. You can find 'The Mount Blend' and also their 'Fullsteam Espresso Blend' on our retail shelves in the cafe too.

Now, onto the toilet roll... In our bathroom you'll find toilet paper by, Who Gives A Crap. All of the products produced by Who Gives A Crap, are made with 100% recycled, environmentally friendly materials AND they donate 50% of their profits to charities which build toilets for those that desperately need them. 

IMG_5645 2.jpg

We're always thinking about new ways to be more sustainable at The Pigeon Hole, we are proud to NOT have avocado on toast on our menu and we are proud to only offer Oatly as our dairy alternative to cows milk.

Our recent push, is to really cut back on our energy usage. Sure, we've always been good at turning off lights that aren't needed, but we also encourage our customers to only plug their devices in for a maximum of 20 minutes. Not only does this save energy, it also brings back good old fashioned conversation! Whilst the cafe is a cosy place to get a bit of work done, we really stride to create a beautiful environment that's perfect for chatting, reading, laughing, meeting friends, meeting family and of course, eating delicious, local food. 

Stay tuned for part 2 for an insight into more of our fantastic local suppliers!