A Note from Eve: Life at The Pigeon Hole

I’m a big fan of being local.

Not in an ale-swigging, fag-totting, Brexit-loving, Farage/ League of Gentleman-esque manner. In a way that means I stop and think about where my food is coming from, how much of an impact on the environment it has had in transit and what sort of state is it in when it finally reaches my kitchen. Who made it, what’s in it? I’m a big fan of ingredients lists when not buying fresh and do like to be able to understand and pronounce everything on it.

The Pigeon Hole is somewhere that I have tried to express this sentiment and teach people through delicious and well-sourced food. I have started with teaching and showing/guiding my team how simple it is to make food from scratch. In turn, I hope that they have been able to share this passion with our customers and the community. As a team, we aim to share our delicious food with customers, but also our knowledge and understanding of why the food is so delicious and better for you, as well as the environment.

At The Pigeon Hole, we strive to make everything ourselves and if we can’t manage that, we have developed relationships with like-minded businesses, who can provide us with delicious, sustainable and locally sourced products. I’ve always thought it important to build relationships with people in business, mostly for my own energy and well-being, but also because you can trust that these people are the driving force behind good business.

A big thank you to our suppliers who have helped to make the sustainable side of The Pigeon Hole a reality. Look out for upcoming posts giving a big shout out to these guys!



Eve Kelly