The Pigeon Hole Cafe

A relaxed and cosy cafe bar in the heart of Datchelor Place, Camberwell


From the outside, you can see in to the warm glow of the interior of this snug and cosy cafe bar. You walk past people drinking and sharing dishes in the outside tables, enjoying our small Camberwell oasis.

Staff, who have been carefully selected for having the talent of easily communicating with people, are always attentive. In this way, you know you have an element of control over your experience here and can relax in to your own routine. 

The simple, British inspired menu is locally sourced; therefore the menu is seasonal and respectful to food, wasting very little.

You know you can come to this unique venue for a variety of occasions. For a quiet coffee and cake to take a moment to catch up on your current book, to a small lunch, celebratory dinner and drinks or for a catch up with old friends throughout the day in to the night.



A note from Eve

The Pigeon Hole has been a staple in the Camberwell coffee scene since July 2014. I believe that our customers choose to visit us not just because we serve the best coffee and food in the area, but because they enjoy spending their cherished time with us. In a world where everything is so busy, The Pigeon Hole makes for an ideal spot to leave everything behind and indulge in yourself. 


"A beautiful little place that completely stands out from anything else in the area. Creative and tasty food, friendly, professional and relaxed staff add to the wonderful experience."

/  B.F.  /